Saudi Arabia Exerts Efforts to Mitigate Effects of COVID-19 on Health and Global Economy

Saudi Arabia reports 1,881 New COVID-19 Cases: Ministry of Health

Saudi Arabia is exerting unprecedented efforts to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on health and global economy, Al-Yaum newspaper reported.

The paper added that through its presidency of G20, Saudi Arabia is working to achieve the concepts related to providing recovery, coherence and sustainability to the health system and global economic resources.

The paper concluded that Saudi Arabia has emphasized continuing the G20 collective efforts to achieve the commitments agreed upon by leaders in response to COVID-19 in order to protect lives and livelihoods and achieve economic recovery.

Al-Riyadh newspaper reported in its editorial that reducing unemployment rates is one of the key goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The paper added that due to goals and plans of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the unemployment rates have fell down more than ever.

The paper further added that in these days, there are whole slew of Saudi males and females working in all sectors and various jobs, achieving great successes.

The paper concluded that within localization plans, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has decided to localize the pharmacy job by 20 %.