Saudi Arabia endorses arts and music in Saudi curricula

Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Minister of Culture and head of the Saudi delegation at the 40th UNESCO General Conference
  • Saudi Arabia has stressed the importance of promoting science, culture and the arts to contribute to spreading dialogue and communication among nations, for a prosperous present and a better future for future generations.

Minister of Culture’s speech at 40th UNESCO General Conference

Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Minister of Culture and head of the Saudi delegation at the 40th UNESCO General Conference held in Paris on Friday said that Saudi Arabia, under the guidance of King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz and Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, Crown Prince, views culture in its general concept as one of the most important foundations that support the directions of human development, and build bridges of understanding between societies in order to promote a stronger world, where people are interconnected by their different cultures, pointing out Saudi Arabia‘s keenness to cooperate with UNESCO.

“Culture and the arts in Saudi Arabia are one of the pillars of the national transformation through the Kingdom vision 2030, and its goal is to contribute to building a vibrant society, a prosperous economy and an ambitious homeland,” Prince Badr added, confirming that Saudi Arabia is taking confident steps towards a more prosperous future through the Kingdom vision 2030, which soon began to reflect positively in several sectors, including education, culture and the arts.

Prince Badr reiterated Saudi Arabia’s determination to continue collaboration with UNESCO till achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, which are in line with the objectives of the Kingdom vision 2030 for the future.

Saudi Arabia-UNESCO’s effective cooperation

Prince Badr pointed out that Saudi Arabia has demonstrated its effectiveness and its eagerness to achieve the objectives of joint action work at UNESCO, saying “From its responsibility as a founding country, Saudi Arabia made a significant contribution to the UNESCO budget in 1984, made a generous donation of $20mn in 2011, and announced its commitment to allocate $25mn to fund UNESCO‘s strategic heritage programs and heritage conservation-related work through signing the Letter of Intent last July.

Prince Badr explained that Saudi Arabia believes that the education and rehabilitation of young people is the basis of any process of building and promoting culture in our societies, while feeding them with human values ​“​which we emphasize in our work, through a more developed and open system to different cultures, because this would strengthen the social fabric and open the doors of great peace between nations”.

“In Saudi Arabia, we have sought to achieve this, in harmony with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through our deep belief in the importance of the non-profit sector partnership with other sectors, being a key partner in development,” Prince Badr said.

Prince Badr mentioned that Saudi Arabia established the National Center for the Development of the non-profit sector, which aims to activate the role of sector organizations and expand it in developmental areas.

Prince Badr also referred to the Ministry of Culture work to develop and strengthen community participation, through an integrated plan that stimulates participation contributing to the development of culture and heritage that open to the world that hat gives the world an opportunity to look closely at the treasures and mysteries of human civilizations that formed societies and contributed to this cultural richness that we are proud of, in our country and its impact spread to the continents of the world. to this cultural richness in our country, its impact spread also to the world.

Empowering Saudi youth

Prince Badr stressed the importance of youth as an element of enormous power to realize the aspirations and hopes of their communities, noting that empowering Saudi youth continues at a faster pace, through the creation of environments that stimulate their creativity in various fields, support and release their energies, and engage them with motivation and inspiration in everything related to building their country, in partnership with civil society organizations.

Saudi Arabia to host the World Summit AI

Prince Badr pointed out that Saudi Arabia will host in March next year, the World Summit AI, which will be an annual global forum for the exchange of experiences and partnerships between actors and companies in the world of data and artificial intelligence locally and internationally, to put this advanced science in the context of serving all mankind.

In conclusion, Prince Badr confirmed that UNESCO’s Member States turned visions to reality, saying “We attend with the intention to succeed in realizing the UNESCO’s objectives to serve all of them, in cooperation and integration, hand in hand, for a better world”.