Saudi Arabia: Empowering women leads G20 presidency agenda

G20 ministers to discuss digital technologies role in handling coronavirus

During its G20 presidency, the empowerment of women is a top priority for Saudi Arabia as the Kingdom has been taking up issues of women’s employment, financial inclusion, and access to real opportunities.

Saudi Arabia is working with all members of G20 to build on the common ground made during the previous presidencies. The G20 has developed over the past years, “Empowering Women” as one of its main topics that will be discussed, with the aim of addressing related issues at the global level.

The presidency will focus in its current session on three main axes: enabling human beings through creating conditions that help them — especially women and youth — live decently, work and prosper, and to preserve the land by enhancing collective efforts and enacting sustainable economic policies, as well as shaping new horizons through the adoption of bold and long-term strategies to make the most of innovation and technical progress.

The Kingdom’s G20 Presidency, through more than 100 meetings, will offer a number of axes at the global level within the framework of the COVID 19 pandemic, including financial inclusion, health, inclusive tourism, energy, education, water and food management, digitization, artificial intelligence, financial technology, cybersecurity and other areas of common concern.

Under the Kingdom’s Presidency of G20, a meeting of the Private Sector Alliance for the Empowerment and Progression of Women’s Economic Representation (EMPOWER) will be held, with the aim of supporting employment and the advancement of women in leading the private sector.

EMPOWER was launched at the G20 Osaka Summit in 2019 in order to advocate for the advancement of women in the private sector, and began its first meeting under the presidency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on April 9, 2020 via teleconferencing.

It is worth noting that two Saudi women co-chair EMPOWER, they work to support the empowerment of women through their leadership roles, and they are Rania Nashar and Dr. Hala Al-Tuwaijri.