Saudi Arabia earned respect of international community for its political discourse, Saudi ambassador

Saudi Arabia has a single language and political discourse both in public as well as in private and this is what has won the heart of the international community; the Kingdom’s Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bin Abdullah Bukhari told a Lebanese delegation that visited his office on Wednesday morning. 

Bukhari made the remarks in response to allegations made by Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe in the Lebanese caretaker government that the Gulf states supported the rise of Daesh (the so-called ISIS). 

The delegation; which was led by Lebanon’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian; came to the Saudi ambassador’s office to express solidarity with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council member states. 

The Lebanese grand mufti also said the recent disparaging remarks; also made against Saudi Arabia and other GCC states do not only offend these countries but also are insulting to us as Lebanese citizens. 

Later in the day; Bukhari received the Minister of the Interior in the caretaker government; Mohammed Fahmi. 

After his meeting with the Saudi ambassador; Fahmy said in a statement that what was stated recently against Saudi Arabia is condemnable. In my capacity as a retired brigadier general in the Lebanese army; I assure you that the allegations are totally untrue; as the Kingdom’s assistance to the Lebanese army and to security forces helped overcome all the obstacles that we faced; during the fight against terrorism. 

The Saudi ambassador received a number of other delegations representing different segments of the Lebanese society who came to express their solidarity with the Kingdom and condemn the statements also made by the Lebanese foreign minister