Saudi Arabia decorated in green on the 90th National Day

Saudi Arabia decorated in green on the 90th National Day

Today, Wednesday, September 23, 2020, Saudi Arabia celebrates the 90th National Day; in which King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud announced 90 years ago the unification of the blessed countries . He named it (Saudi Arabia) after a struggle that lasted 32 years.

The founding king, may God rest his soul, worked to lay the foundations of this structure on firm and solid foundations of the teachings of Islam and the values ​​of moderation, peace and coexistence, and to build people with knowledge to contribute to building the nation, so that the march of growth, development and ambitious vision continues during the era of the King Salman bin Abdulaziz and crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz – may God protect them.

The kingdom is adorned with the national flag colors

In the context of the continuous preparations for the celebration of the 90th National Day, the eastern region was also decorated in its most brilliant colors and tinted in green on the occasion of the Kingdom’s 90th National Day; As the region’s secretariat completed all its preparations to celebrate this precious day for everyone, and prepared for it a package of programs and equipment in all cities and governorates of the region.

The Municipality prepared in advance to implement its plan to celebrate the 90th National Day, in accordance with the directives of the Governor of the Eastern Province; and the follow-up of the Mayor of the Region; Engineer Fahd bin Muhammad Al-Jubeir, where the decoration works for the National Day were carried out; installing 5,500 Kingdom flags on lighting poles and installing flags in large sizes. This is on more than 100 masts at intersections in metropolitan Dammam.

Preparations also include installing more than 2,670 banners on lighting poles, installing about 200 aesthetic luminous figures; installing lighting, decorating and coloring 8 buildings with LED city color lighting; moving lighting devices; displaying National Day designs, outdoor video presentations for two sites on a wooden stand; and installing designs for the National Day in road advertisements in a number of sizes. This is with 120 panels on roads and squares in Dammam metropolis.

Aesthetic decoration works

The preparations also included the implementation of aesthetic decoration works in a number of main streets; decorating and lighting the sea façades and the corniche and a number of roundabouts in the metropolis of Dammam; and placing a large screen next to the sails roundabout in the city of Dammam to display documentary films about the Kingdom and the most prominent achievements in the eastern region, as well as displaying special messages On the National Day. Besides, putting up paintings that include national expressions on this occasion. In addition to the implementation of a carpet of more than 90 thousand various roses and flowers; embodying the slogan of the identity of the 90th National Day of the Kingdom.

Mural in Jeddah

In Jeddah, the Undersecretary for Community Service, Eng.Ayid bin Ali Al-Zahrani, inaugurated yesterday, Tuesday, the initiative (Love of the Fatherland brings us together to serve our community) at the Mega Mall Exchange Center under the patronage of the Mayor of Jeddah Governorate Saleh bin Ali Al-Turki within the celebrations of the Kingdom’s 90th National Day in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jeddah Oyoun Charitable Society, Eng. Anas bin Muhammad Saleh Serafi, members of the Board of Directors as well as a number of members of the General Assembly of the Association.

The event witnessed the implementation of a 90-meter-long mural to celebrate the National Day. While the attendees reviewed the aesthetic models in which the First Women’s Association participated; which represent examples of the creations of Saudi craftsmen to express this national occasion. The initiative continues for 3 days with the participation of a number of artists, citizens and residents. It also includes a competition for the best picture and best illustration of love and pride in the homeland.

National Day contests

The Ministry of Education participates in activating the celebration of the National Day remotely, in attendance. While taking all precautionary measures, through 47 education departments; investing the Madrasati platform, social media and official accounts in providing activities and media messages that enhance the aspects of celebrating this precious occasion.

The Ministry of Education also announced that the National Day competition will be on its sites for male and female students. This is to express their feelings towards their homeland. Universities will participate in many events and activities that contribute to strengthening the values ​​of belonging and loyalty to the homeland and its leadership.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh, also directed all sectors of the ministry, universities, the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training; and the education departments to participate in this precious occasion for everyone’s hearts; by organizing events, activities and programs that reflect the importance of cherishing this great day and belonging to this homeland. Besides, loyalty to his leadership; and recalling the blessings of security, stability and development that the Kingdom witnessed over the past decades.