Saudi Arabia condemns Sri Lanka Horrendous Terrorist Attacks

Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks

On the morning of Easter Sunday and only one month before Sri Lanka celebrates its tenth anniversary of the end of civil war in 2009, a group of coordinated bombings targets eight different sights around Sri Lanka, including major churches used to be crowded on Easter mass and seven-star hotels favored by foreigners.

The terrible attacks that the media went to describe as the river of blood have resulted in killing 207 people and injuring 450 others, so far, a police spokesman, Ruwan Gunasekera, said. Unfortunately, the casualties included foreigners and emergency crews worked in full force hopefully to save as many lives as possible.

No party has claimed its responsibility behind Today’s terrific blasts yet some fingers point that they were plotted and executed by one group almost of the separatists. These attacks ended the status of relative peace, Sri Lanka has enjoyed in the last decade to become the largest targeted attack on South Asian Christians in recent memory.

All emergency steps had been taken—An island-wide curfew was imposed until the morning, an emergency meeting involving the country’s authorities was held, leave has been canceled for all police, and stern actions against those responsible for these blasts to be taken once they are detected.

According to Vatican news, Pope Francis denounced the Easter Sunday attacks on several churches and hotels in Sri Lanka and announced his solidarity in St. Peter’s Square:

                 “I wish to express my heartfelt closeness to the Christian community [of Sri Lanka],
                  wounded as it was gathered in prayer, and to all the victims of such cruel violence.”

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the Kingdom’s solidarity and expressed condolences to the attack victims, their families, and the government and the people of Sri Lanka, wishing a speedy recovery for the injured and indicating the necessity of concerted international efforts to combat terrorism which threatens the security and stability all over the world without exception, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).