Saudi Arabia builds the world’s highest hanging masjid

Saudi Arabia builds the world’s highest hanging masjid

Saudi Arabia builds the world’s highest hanging masjid and here come the details.

Construction began in Mecca for a hanging masjid, to be the highest in the world, and directly overlooking the Kaaba, it also enjoys visual and audio communication with the Holy Mosque in Mecca, at an altitude of 161 m, and a total area of ​​400 square meters, to accommodate more than 200 worshipers.

In detail, the hanging masjid is located on a bridge linking two towers in the area, overlooking the parallel King Abdul-Aziz Road, 50% of its area is designed for prayers, and the rest for services.

In turn, the design development consultant at the company executing the hanging masjid, and the Chairman of the Real Estate Committee in Mecca Chamber, Anas Serafi said that the masjid is under construction and the project will be completed within 6 months.

Serafi added: “The bridge has been subjected to long studies on the impact of climate and natural phenomena on it, the construction status is certainly safe, which took years of studies, review, and scrutiny, especially on the impact of wind movement, changes in temperature, earthquakes, and the different degree of landing and its impact on the two towers connecting by the bridge, the iron structure is more appropriate, because it is lighter and more flexible at this height”.

The hanging masjid scheme

Serafi also pointed out that there is a fixed part of the hanging masjid located in one of the towers, the other part is fixed, but it is flexible allowing movement by about 20 cm, and the masjid is made of an iron structure without using concrete.