Saudi Arabia Asks Companies to Implement Self-Evaluation Measures

Saudi Arabia Asks Companies to Implement Self-Evaluation Measures

In a step aimed at reforming the local labor market environment; the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development urged on Friday all giant, large and medium enterprises; which are subject to the Kingdom’s labor system; to complete the self-evaluation of their performance, in implementation of the relevant ministerial decision.

The concerned enterprises got more time by the ministry to complete the required procedures given the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The ministry noted, however, that electronic services would be suspended as of Sept. 1 for non-compliant companies.

The ministry stressed that the program aimed at ensuring the work’s safety and compliance; through an integrated cycle that begins with the company’s self-evaluation and correction of mistakes. This also comes ahead of the inspection visits by ministry officials.

It added that the self-evaluation was the first stage of the program; to help the establishments identify the extent of their commitment to the decisions and regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. It also called on the enterprises to respond with transparency and credibility to all the criteria set by the program.

In June 2019, a ministerial decree issued on adopting the self-evaluation system for mega, large as well as medium-sized corporations.

Meanwhile, the ministry of Human Resources announced earlier this week the completion of its strategy to localize many commercial activities in the private sector; in an effort to provide a stimulating environment for citizens; develop human capital and increase the participation of Saudi nationals in the labor market.

The ministry also said it would work to achieve the strategy in cooperation and partnership; with various supporting government agencies and the private sector.