Saudi Arabia announce recovery of 8 Coronavirus-Infected Cases

Saudi Arabia announce recovery of 8 Coronavirus-Infected Cases

The committee concerned with following up the health situation of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) affirmed the importance of continuation of applying and enhancing all precautionary measures in all entry ports.

The committee held today its 29th meeting under chairmanship of Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawazan Al-Rabiah and in presence of the members of the all governmental relevant institutions.

During the meeting, the committee reviewed all reports and developments of the virus as well as the epidemiological situation of the virus worldwide including the confirmed cases in the Kingdom.

Following the meeting, Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aali, spokesman of the Ministry of Health, confirmed that the total number of confirmed cases with the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world amounted to 220,000 cases, adding that 84,000 cases recovered so far. He disclosed that the number of deaths reached 9,000.

“So far, 238 cases are confirmed in the Kingdom, with an increase of 67 cases in the previous accumulated number. Most of the cases are isolated since their arrival from the airport to the hospitality in the health isolation,” he said, pointing out that 180 cases have been linked to arrivals passing or coming from countries that have recorded the spread of the virus in addition to 54 cases are emerged due to contacting with infected persons.

The spokesman affirmed the recovery of eight cases while 230 cases are isolated, affirming that all cases are stable, except two critical cases.

“The infected cases included (115 males and 123 females). They are all adult (average age is 45 years old), except six children, including 151 Saudis and 87 non-Saudis,” he added, pointing out that total number of health quarantine and isolation’s cases reached 9,500 accumulating cases.

Dr. Al-Abd Al-Aali affirmed that the advanced laboratory examinations exceeded 14,000 cases, pointing out that the Health Center (937) received 240,000 calls about the new Coronavirus.

The Spokesman of the Health Ministry urged all to abide by the instructions for their safety and health, calling to avoid shaking hands, washing hands continuously, staying away from gatherings and applying 14-day health isolation for anyone coming from abroad.

He called on everyone to take advantage of the self-assessment service about the symptoms of the new Coronavirus, which is available on MAWID electronic application.

Dr. Al-Abd Al-Aali urged anyone coming from infected areas to communicate with the Health Center (937), warning from rumors about this virus.