Saudi Arabia Affirms Interest in Principles of Dialogue

The participation of King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue (KACND) in the global dialogue has affirmed the Kingdom of Saudi’s interest in the principles of dialogue and the values of citizenship which seen as key and vital factors for the stability of countries and the development of peoples, Al-Bilad newspaper reported.

Holding of such global dialogue is an urgent need in the light of tremendous changes, challenges and complex crises that the world is witnessing, thne newspaper added.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has repeatedly called on the international community to find solutions for the such urgent issues including climate change, violence, and Covid-19 Pandemic, the editorial concluded.
In another context, Al-Yaum newspaper reported in its editorial that Iranian regime aims to destabilize security and stability in the region and the world, acting in defiance of all international norms and human values.

The paper added that Iranian regime is continuously carrying out terrorist acts and its agenda, using its proxies spreading in many countries in the world.

The paper concluded that international community should take firm stance to deter the threats being posed by Iranian regime and prevent it from obtaining sophisticated weapons.