SAFCSP to host @Hack Global Event to address cyber threats around the world

SAFCSP to host @Hack Global Event to address cyber threats around the world

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host at the end of this year a ground-breaking; mega cybersecurity event that brings together the world best hackers and trainers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and Drones (SFCSP); in partnership with STC, Informa Tech and Black Hat will organize @Hack from Nov. 28-30 in Riyadh. The event will be held to support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Besides, qualifying a programmer among every 100 Saudis, and enhance the Kingdom’s position in the field of technology.

On this occasion, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAFCSP Faisal Al-Khamisi said; “We are working hard to show our technical capabilities globally, and in partnership with Informa Tech; we will present one of the largest and most recent cyber events here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Opportunities in business sector

“@Hack event will also provide opportunities for the business sector in one of the largest cyber halls in the world; with more than 250 advanced brands, including 40 start-up companies, that will be based in the Innovation City, and more than 250 security experts will present papers in various fields of cybersecurity,” he added.

For his part, the Vice President of Cyber Security Sector at STC Group, Eng. Yasser Al-Suwailem stated that the group is happy to be part of @Hack event, stressing that everyone is proud that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting a very important and global event for cybersecurity.

Informa Tech Portfolio Director Annabelle Mander also said: “Throughout my career, I couldn’t be more excited to partner with an event with such ambition and funding. The scale and plan of the @Hack event is massive and shows how serious the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to be an international technology center that attracts business tourists from all over the world.”

CEO of SPIRE Solutions Company, Sanjeev Walia, also said; “When Saudi Arabia and Black Hat come together, the result will exceed expectations; the region has been waiting for such a cyber-event for years. We are also happy to be one of the first strategic partners.”