Royal Commission Inaugurates “Film AlUla” to Support Film Industry

Saudi Arabia's 'AlUla' a Place Of History, Heritage And Wonder

Royal Commission for AlUla has inaugurated “Film AlUla” department to support and facilitate filming in AlUla as a tourist destination.

“Film AlUla” department gives the opportunity to discover picturesque filming sites for filmmakers amid the nature of AlUla and its historical monuments.

The new department will focus on supporting and stimulating local productions by working with several government agencies in the field of filming and producing films in AlUla, as a part of the commission’s endeavor to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by supporting national talents in the film industry.

Several international producers have expressed their interest in exploring AlUla as a destination for their films, while a film produced by “Hollywood” will be announced soon.

Two Saudi movies will be filmed soon in AlUla, namely “Bayn Al-Rimal” and “Noura”, which are directed and produced by Saudis.