Robot jockey in camel racing aims to reduce accidents and physical risks

The robot jockey; a local technology; is a new technique that has been introduced in camel races at the Crown Prince Camel Festival in its third edition; which was launched last Sunday in the Taif Camel Square.

This new technology is considered one of the most prominent modern and locally-made technologies used in camel racing phasing out the use of human jockeys; to develop sports and reduce accidents and physical risks that may occur to humans.

Abdullah Al-Rubaian; a camel owner; explained that the robot jockey cost ranges from SR700 to SR1;500; adding that the owners were having difficulty finding a human jokey to participate in the races; in addition to the difficulties and risks they face.

But now; he said; after this modern technology; most of the owners have at least 20 robot jockeys due to the feasibility of periodically maintaining them locally.

Al-Rubaian added that the robot jockey is a remotely controlled battery-operated drill; wrapped in a cloth; and designed in the form of a human jockey; weighing between 4 to 5.3 kilograms; and is installed on the back of the camel by corsets; to prevent it from falling during running; and it also performs the same roles as a human rider.

He noted that the camel owners can give direct commands to the camel and motivate it during the race through a mounted speaker; and can also control the stick adapted to the robot jokey which can perform 21 spins to increase the stimulation of the camel to speed up; especially as the camel approaches the finish line.