Riyadh art exhibition showcases Indi-Saudi architectural heritage

“Art is a powerful medium that connects people of diversity, irrespective of their class, color or nation,” Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dr. Ausaf Sayeed has said. “Art and architecture is regarded as material record of the intellectual evolution of mankind through the ages,” he said.

Supporting Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has been arranging a multitude of across the border cultural exchange programs to promote tourism, art and culture.

Recently, the India Embassy in Saudi Arabia organized an exclusive screening of Discovery Channel’s acclaimed documentary ‘Revealed: Humayun’s Tomb’ at its auditorium in Diplomatic Quarters, Riyadh .

Reflecting upon the architectural treasures of India, the documentary showcased one of the most iconic monuments in Delhi built during the early Mughal period – the Humayun’s Tomb which is considered by historians as a template for the world renowned Taj Mahal.

The documentary also sheds light on the work undertaken by ‘Aga Khan Trust for Culture’ in partnership with Archeological Survey of India (ASI) to meticulously restore the lost grandeur of the monument.

Promoting Indo-Saudi architectural heritage, the screening was followed by a photography and painting exhibition in the embassy premises that was inaugurated by Ambassador Dr. Sayeed.