Reports of presence of UAE forces on Yemeni islands baseless; unfounded: Arab Coalition

The Arab Coalition has dismissed reports regarding the presence of Emirati forces on the Yemeni islands of Socotra and Mayyun as baseless and unfounded.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency on Thursday; an official source at the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen stated: “Some reports in the media with regard to the presence of UAE forces on the Islands of Socotra and Mayyun (Perim) are also baseless and unfounded.”

According to the source; all equipment currently present on Mayyun Island are under the control of the Coalition Command; and they are there in order to enable the Yemeni forces and coalition forces to counter the Houthi militia; secure maritime navigation and support the West Coast forces.

The source also said that the current UAE efforts; are focused within Coalition forces on providing air support to defend Ma’rib.

“We reaffirm that respecting the sovereignty; unity and territorial integrity of Yemen is at the top of the established and fundamental principles of the coalition;” the source also added.