Renovated historic Al-Barqaa Mosque is open for worshipers

Renovated historic Al-Barqaa Mosque is open for worshipers

The historic Al-Barqaa Mosque, which dates back to pre-1323 AH (1905-1906 AD); is located in Al-Asyah governorate, Al-Qassim Region, north of Riyadh region, and 80 km from Buraidah.

It came as part of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom; under which 30 mosques in 10 regions to be restored and rehabilitated. It is one of the most important heritage buildings in the governorate.

Sheikh Fahd Bin Turki Al-Fahad is the one who built the mosque. He used to be the Mosque’s leading Imam until start performing the Friday prayer in it in 1333 AH; upon assigning Sheikh Othman bin Muarik as its main imam followed by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Saqabi until his passed away.

The Al-Barqaa Mosque also features construction in the Najdi style of clay and stone and has a roof built from Taramix and palm fronds. The mosque occupies an area of around 590 square meters and accommodates about 181 worshipers. It includes a prayer house, Al-Sarha, a retreat, restrooms, places for ablution, and a small square-shaped minaret with a height of about 8.13 meters.

The mosque is open now for worshipers after renovation and composed of a prayer house, Al-Sarha; a prayer area for women; restrooms; and ablution places; and it can accommodate up to (364) worshipers.