Renovated 400-year-old Al-Mudhafah Mosque opens for worshippers

The historic Al-Mudhafah Mosque has a unique history as it dates back to more than 400 years. It is located in Balasmer in Asir region; around 55 km north of Abha; and sits on the road linking the cities of Al-Baha and Abha.

The mosque has just undergone an overall renovation process as part of the Muhammad Bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom; under which 30 mosques in 10 regions will also be restored and rehabilitated.

The mosque; which also witnessed a partial collapse of its roof some 65 years ago; is one of few mosques to preserve its original shape even during the rehabilitation process; which took into consideration the importance of maintaining the mosque’s original structure.

It was a gathering site for the local villagers as well as residents from neighboring villages and contained a guesthouse to host passersby and guests where they were served food and water from the mosque’s endowed farms which exceed 13 farms.

Prominent Imams also served as preachers and lecturers at the mosque; including Dhaif Allah Al-Ahmari; Hammoud Bin Mohammed; Mohammed Bin Mani` Al-Muqlab; Ali Bin Abdullah; and Sheikh Abu Ayoun Al-Qahtani; and among the most prominent former muezzins of the mosque Saeed Bin Mohammed; Abdullah Bin Ali; and Saeed Mohammed Abu Hammad.

Social role

Besides being a place of praying and worshiping; the mosque had an important social role where the residents used to meet and discuss their daily life affairs and address any domestic problems and disputes.

Built on a total area of about (325.7 square meters) and accommodated nearly (108) worshipers; the historic mosque is distinguished by its construction of stone in the Sarat style with a roof made of juniper wood.

It consisted of a prayer house; an outside courtyard; old ablution places; and a small room for guests called “Manzala”. The height of the mosque’s rectangular minaret reaches (4.70 m).

The historic Al-Mudhafah Mosque; after its development; consists of a prayer house; a square; restrooms; and ablution places.