Red Sea International Film Festival launches in Jeddah

Red Sea International Film Festival

Organizers of the Red Sea International Film Festival today unveiled the details of its opening session of the event. It includes programs, competition films and initiatives to support the film industry.

The festival to start from 12 to 21 March 2020, in the historic city of Jeddah. It is classified as a world heritage of humanity according to UNESCO. While highlighting local talents in a cinematic celebration showcasing the most important creations of cinema from all over the world.

In a statement, the festival’s director Mahmoud Sabbagh cast light on the list of 107 participating films, including feature films and long and short documentaries, 16 films running the main competition, seven non-competant films, 15 films falling in the classic shows program, three films in the Ajyal (generations) program, five interactive films that include virtual reality experiences, eleven films in the new Saudi cinema category, 13 films running the short films competition, 23 films competing for the best productions of the year, and 17 experimental films.

In addition to films, the festival hosts a series of cinematic lectures to inspire the new generation of creators. There will be also a participation of a selection of Arab and international cinema pioneers.