Reasons behind the success of CGC during Hajj season

Reasons behind the success of CGC during Hajj season

The Saudi Center for Government Communication (CGC) has been awarded Mecca’s New Media Award for Best Short Film in Hajj this year.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Maghlouth, Director of CGC, expressed his happiness for this award and thanked Prince Khalid Al-Faisal for the attention on the media and media professionals as well as the minister of Information, Turki Shabana for the support and encouragement.

In an interview with “”, Al-Maghlouth said that CGC has great technical and human resources that he used to work in the Hajj season to highlight the Kingdom’s efforts to the whole world.

Al-Maghlouth pointed out that the CGC’s team is working around the clock, and consists of 118 young men and women from Saudi Arabia with a passion for media work who work at high spirits.

Al-Maghlouth attributed the reasons for the success of the CGC to the preparation and advance planning, adding: “The center began its work early before the pilgrimage season, where prior coordination with a number of parties such as the guests of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the initiative of the Mecca road before the arrival of pilgrims. Readiness to make materials and create ideas was early and important, which is the reason for success”.

Al-Maghlouth also explained that the center has drawn up a plan and strategy for action, which was presented to the Minister of Information, who supported and encouraged it.

“Hajj Media”

Al-Maghlouth explained that the center relies on the materials made by its editorial and technical staff.

He pointed out that the “CGC” has a section called “Haj Media” to address the public in five languages; Arabic, English, French, Urdu and Malawi. This platform has a special website called “Hajj Media Portal”.

He continued: “All published by the government authorities about the pilgrimage we put in this portal, and then we reformulated and developed”.

Al-Maghlouth also pointed out that the website includes a special section for journalists’ services and provides a service for journalists and media institutions through the provision of high-quality images and videos to them once they subscribe to this service.

40 Government Agencies

Al-Maghlouth said that CGC is characterized by high coordination between it and all government agencies. He added: “Before we arrived in Jeddah, there was a meeting between colleagues and 40 government agencies to ensure coordination and arrangement as well as the development of an integrated, comprehensive, and harmonious plan with each other in the work”.

Al-Maghlouth continued: “Today we have a unified identity designed by competencies in the CGC, an extension of the last year’s identity, and we have a design department at the highest level”.

Al-Maghlouth stressed that the center does not spare its efforts in providing services to the media and foreign journalists as well as celebrities by linking them to the appropriate media system for them.