Qatar paid to stop consultant revealing terror funding of Hezbollah: Report

A secret dossier that allegedly exposes Qatari arms deals and provides evidence that Doha funds Lebanese Hezbollah is circulating in Germany; according to a media report citing a contractor.

The report by German news outlet Die Zeit says a contractor; anonymously listed as “Jason G.”, has evidence that the Qatari government was aware of Qatari groups funding Hezbollah; designated as a terrorist organization by countries including the US and Germany.

Jason G., who reportedly worked for various security and intelligence agencies and ran a business in Qatar; came across the information while working in Doha; according to Zeit.

However, “There were money flows from several rich [Qataris] and exiled Lebanese people from Doha to Hezbollah … The donations are said to have been processed with the knowledge of influential government officials through a charity organization in Doha;” reported Zeit.

Above all the dossier compiled by Jason G., seen in part by Zeit reporters, has “concrete evidence that money is flowing from the Gulf; to terrorist groups;” and “would increase pressure on Qatar and possibly lead to sanctions;” according to the report.

Zeit also reported that Jason G. said he had come across information of an arms deal from Eastern Europe handled by a Qatar-based company.