Public Prosecution launches new system

SR1mn fine, 10-year jail for forced beggary, labor

 A new system for the Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia was issued on Monday. Also an amendment was made in Article 112 of the Penal Procedures regulation.

In addition, the Public Prosecution was entrusted to be fully and independently responsible for identifying major crimes that necessitate detention. This has to be done in consultation with the Ministry of Interior and Presidency of State Security.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Mu’jab noted that Public Prosecution’s new system is aimed at enhancing its powers and consolidating the rules of its work mechanisms in a way that contributes effectively to achieving criminal justice.

It also aims at keeping abreast of the latest effective global systems and practices of the Public Prosecution functions, and contributing to developing the systems of judicial institutions and raising their level of performance, efficiency and indices.

He said the Council of Ministers’ decision is deemed a qualitative move and an organizational support for the judicial system. These will enable the judiciary to carry out its tasks with full independence and impartiality and to exercise its powers according to an objective methodology to achieve excellence, high performance and high quality in work.

The Cabinet decision, he saids, will facilitate Public Prosecution to complete the project for updating its programs and regulations for criminal procedural work and laying down the executive rules for them in a manner that is in tandem with the requirements of the current stage of hard work and perseverance in this regard.

He said that the Cabinet decision with all its provisions is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in achieving thorough and copious welfare, development and criminal justice for both citizens and residents.