Princess Nouf: Continuity of priorities of Saudi G20 Presidency in Rome Summit

Princess Nouf Bint Mohammed Bin Abdullah, CEO of the King Khalid Foundation, Chair of the Civil Society Communication Group for the year 2020, and a member of the Steering Committee of the Civil Society Communication Group 2021 in Italy, stressed the importance of the pivotal role played by civil society organizations in facing the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

Many of these organizations are on the front lines of addressing the pandemic, ensuring that the needs of the less fortunate are met, and ensuring that they are re-empowered during the recovery period.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency on the occasion of the Kingdom’s participation in the G20 Leaders Summit in Italy, she noted the role played by the Kingdom last year in setting the work agenda for the G20.

The Italian presidency continued to address the priorities of last year’s presidency related to health, the financial track and the fight against corruption, the circular economy of carbon, and the historic agreement led by the Kingdom in 2020 on suspending debts for the poorest countries, had a great impact in helping these countries to address the crisis and recover from it.

She said that the King Khalid Foundation has sought to participate in the civil society outreach group since 2017, and continued its participation during the Argentine presidency in 2018, and then as a member of the tripartite committee in the civil society outreach group in Japan 2019, until the Foundation won at the end of 2019 its nomination as head of the civil society outreach group 2020 within the Kingdom’s presidency of the G20.

Princess Nouf said, “The King Khalid Foundation is proud to organize the largest civil society summit in the history of the group, with the participation of more than 1,500 civil society organizations from more than 180 countries, and through which they discussed all the files submitted by the government side, with the aim of conveying the voice of the global community. Diversity of G20 leaders.”