Precautions on Coronavirus Continue and Necessary Measures Taken based on Data, says Ministry of Health

Precautions on Coronavirus Continue and Necessary Measures Taken based on Data, says Ministry of Health

Spokesman for the Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulaali confirmed that the precautions regarding the novel Coronavirus are ongoing and the procedures that are taking place at the outlets or inside the health facilities are continuing with strict follow-up.

He said that taking the necessary measures according to the given data and the daily monitoring requirements, whether for global, regional or local risks, is also going on.

This came during a press briefing Dr. Al-Abdulaali held today to review the latest developments of the novel Coronavirus in the Kingdom.

On the reported cases of those infected with the novel coronavirus in the Kingdom, he confirmed that the Ministry is continuing its efforts with all relevant authorities for effective health monitoring in discovering any case and that action will always be continuing to spot or monitor suspected cases, and that whoever is proven to be infected will be announced and health care will be provided for him.

Moreover, Dr. Abdulaali stressed the necessity that returnees to the Kingdom from land, air or marine ports, especially those who were in areas where the Coronavirus is spreading must disclose their conditions, calling on citizens and expatriates who entered through the Kingdom’s ports and did not disclose their cases to communicate as quickly as possible with health facilities or contact 937 to protect themselves, their families and relatives as well as their neighbors and community.

He drew attention to the fact that the source of infection of all the five cases announced to be infected with the novel coronavirus in the Kingdom was in Iran, indicating that this proves that the hotspots of spreading the coronavirus infection are of high risks in Iran, and therefore, disclosing the point of arrival at the ports is very important to protect society from the coronavirus.

He pointed out that the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control is exert great efforts within an organized framework with the rest of the authorities concerned to continue the assessment process, and that the Global Center for Crowds Medicine continues assessing with regard to crowd medicine, gatherings and their risk levels and develops controls for them.