PRC celebrates 90th Saudi National Day online

Ex Saudi diplomat Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi giving his presidential address at the 90th online Saudi National Day function organized by PRC.

The Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) celebrated online the 90th Saudi National Day event with enthusiasm. It was presided by ex Saudi diplomat Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi.

Dr. Ali Ghamdi said this day is not only celebrated by Saudis but also by expatriates who too mark it with fervor. He said King Faisal dedicated this day to celebrate as National Day. Ghamdi remembered attending the first Saudi National day function held in 1965 in Beach Luxury hotel, Karachi. He praised King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s Vision 2030 which will also help diversify Kingdom’s economy in its progress.

Ghamdi reminded Prime Minister Imran Khan to look at the plight of quarter million patriotic Pakistanis languishing in Bangladeshi camps since 1971. He also hoped that he would take urgent measures to solve the issue on priority. Ghamdi said that Islam teaches rulers to give special care to poor and downtrodden people of society and stranded Pakistanis fall in that category ignored for 49 years. He also urged UN and OIC to solve issues of Palestine, Kashmir and Rohyingas.

Convener Syed Ehsanul Haque said Pak-Saudi relationship is based on fraternal Islamic values. We need to further enhance and strengthen this in construction; trade; manpower quality; education; industry; security; culture; tourism; as well as other fields of common interest. Exploring such opportunities could improve our skills and economy. We have also excellent talents and skills to work in such fields; since our cost of manpower and overhead is very competitive comparing to others.

Syed Naseeruddin; Ghazanfar Hassan; Wasi Imam; Khalid Javed Shahid Nayeem Khan; Choudhry Riaz Ghumman; Syed Neaz Ahmed; Shamsuddin Altaf as well as Poet Zamurrad Khan Saifi were other participants. Syed Mussarat Khalil organized the virtual-meeting.