Political Islam; an extremist ideology has nothing to do with Shariah, MWL

Political Islam; an extremist ideology has nothing to do with Shariah, MWL

The Makkah-based Muslim World League (MWL); reiterated that “political Islam” is an extremist ideology that has nothing to do with the values of Islamic Shariah; encompasses all affairs of life with a moderate outlook.

In a statement on its Twitter account; MWL said that this ideology works to achieve its political goals in the name of religion. As a result of it, ideas of extremism, violent extremism and terrorism were born.

“The ideas of political Islam, reduces religion to partisan political goals; formed by separatist groups to target the security and stability of states in the name of religion.

“The ideas of political Islam are based on spreading hatred, interfering in the affairs of states; impacting their national cohesion and inciting violence in these states in order to impose their political agenda,” the statement said.

The statement also pointed out that the ideas of political Islam focus on creating extremist incubators; extend their political control in the name of religion and at the expense of its values.

The MWL also asserted that the Islamic religion has nothing to do with the political Islam that extremists are promoting today and supported in their schemes by external parties targeting the unity and stability of their states; whether within or outside Islamic countries.

“The political Islam is a modern term to distort the connotations and purposes of the legal texts. This is in order to gain extremist parties’ goals and objectives. Many political Islam schemes passed on to the targeted countries. This is under the umbrella of training imams and guided financing,” MWL said.