Pilgrims to go into isolation ahead of and after Hajj

Pilgrims to go into isolation ahead of and after Hajj

Saudi government authorities announced on Sunday the completion of all preparations to stage this year’s “exceptional” annual Hajj pilgrimage.

They said that they were ready to hold the holy rituals amid strict health and security measures.

Saudi Arabia has been keen on holding the pilgrimage despite the coronavirus pandemic. The Hajj will include very limited numbers – around 1,000 – with pilgrims restricted to Saudi nationals and residents of the Kingdom.

The security forces also said they have completed their preparations by cordoning off Makkah and deploying on the streets. Throughout the Hajj, only those with special permits will be granted entry into the city. The security forces are also ready to protect the holy sites throughout the pilgrimage.

The Health Ministry announced that it will carry out the necessary measures. This is to ensure smooth and safe Hajj amid the pandemic. It stressed that it will apply international health and preventive measures. This is to ensure the safety of the pilgrims until their return home.

It said that pilgrims must go into isolation at home before and after the Hajj in order to make sure that they are not infected with COVID-19.

Pilgrims will have access to health facilities at the Mina al-Wadi hospital, the Health Center 29 at Arafat, the field hospital as well as a mobile clinic. Six ambulances and three clinics have been available at Hajj accommodations.