Pentagon backs US sale of weapons, missiles of $650mn to Saudi Arabia

Pentagon backs US sale of weapons, missiles of $650mn to Saudi Arabia

The Pentagon spokesman announced that the US Department of Defense supports the State Department’s decision to sell weapons and missiles to Saudi Arabia.

The deal announced by the State Department included the sale of 280 AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) to Saudi Arabia, worth up to $650 million.

The sale also included 596 LAU-128 Missile Rail launchers (MRL), in addition to containers, weapon support and support equipment; spare and repair parts, US government and contractor engineering, technical and logistical support services

The proposed deal was approved on Oct. 26 after the increase in cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia over the year, Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Saudi Arabia’s AIM-120C missiles had a key role in intercepting the drone attacks that endangered American forces; as it caused a threat to more than 70,000 American citizens in the Kingdom, he added.

The spokesman said that the sale would enable Saudi Arabia to defend itself from the Iran-backed Houthis air attacks.

The US Department of State said that there will be no adverse impact on US defense readiness; as a result of this proposed sale.