Passports departments start to execute the amendments stated in the Royal Order

Royal Order

In implementation of the Royal Order No. (M/134) dated 27/11/1440 AH (30th of July 2019) to approve the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. (684) dated 27/11/1440 AH to amend the travel and civil affairs documents systems, the Passports and Civil Affairs departments and their branches in all regions of the Kingdom have started to execute the amendments stated in the Royal Order, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday.

“Those who have any queries on the matter can communicate with the competent authorities of the General Directorate of Passports and the Ministry of Interior’s Agency of Civil Affairs on their accounts dedicated to it on Twitter, through the following links: ( for Passports and ( for Civil Affairs, and on Passports telephone number (992) and Civil Affairs telephone number (920022133).” An official source at the Ministry of Interior told the SPA..