OIC body urges respect for religions

Open-Ended Extraordinary Meeting of OIC Executive Committee at Level of Foreign Ministers Concluded

Religion should not be for political gain or media propaganda, the Saudi Press Agency reported one of the world’s largest Islamic organizations as saying, weeks after the brutal beheading of a teacher in a Paris suburb.

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), which was founded by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in 1979, said it was following with concern the “growing and systematic abuse” of Prophet Muhammad’s character in the media and political discourse of some French officials.

ISESCO said the abuse was causing anger, sadness and shock among the global Muslim population, and was fueling hatred “under flimsy and unrealistic justifications.” ISESCO expressed its condemnation of the teacher’s killing, saying it was a clear violation of Islamic principles that considered the crime of a single murder as a crime against all.