No need of second swab test after recovery from COVID-19, Saudi ministry of health

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health Issues 5 Health Guidelines for Protection from Coronavirus

 The Ministry of Health clarified that; there is no need of a swab test for COVID-19 after completion of the quarantine period; and disappearance of the systems of the virus.

Markedly replying to queries about undergoing a swab test for the second time after the recovery from the coronavirus infection; the ministry said that the infected person as a matter of fact; could complete the medical isolation period and return to normal life if he had fulfilled the conditions of recovery.

“At the completion of the medical isolation period; achieving recovery through the disappearance of symptoms of infection or improving one’s condition is the best evidence of the immune system’s resistance to the virus and reaching a stage that is not pathogenic or infectious.

“After this, it does not require confirmation of the recovery through a second swab test,” the ministry said; adding that the person can then terminate the isolation period and return to normal life while continuing to apply general precautionary measures and preventive protocols.