No Bullying, The Slogan of a Saudi Initiative Targets Raising the Awareness of the Damages of Bullying

No Bullying

In the presence of a group of academics and specialists, the “No Bullying” initiative concluded its 180-day campaign by hosting 50 Saudi schools in different regions of Saudi Arabia to raise the awareness of the impact of bullying among school students and reduce this phenomenon.

This initiative was founded because of the escalating cases of bullying among students in schools through organizing campaigns targeting children and school students and providing them and their families with the help of some specialists the necessary awareness of the damage of bullying.

It is undeniable that bullying has a destructive impact on both the child and the society at the psychological and behavioral levels, and the negative impact extends to the small community that is represented in the family as well as the large community of different groups.

Successfully implanting a positive impact and gaining an interaction across the different social media networks, members of the campaign were able to explain the meaning of bullying and its various cases among students, send a message to families urging get their children aware of everything about the harmful and aggressive behaviors, including the verbal, social, or physical bullying, against their colleagues or their relatives.

It’s noteworthy that “Nahl voluntary team” participated in the campaign with more than 150 members throughout Saudi Arabia.

The campaign was concluded with a symposium attended by Dr. Saleh al-Aqeel, professor of criminology at the University of Majma’a, lawyer Abdullah and the presence of a number of individuals, families, and ambassadors of the campaign.