Yemeni Government condemns Houthi Qataber massacre

Yemeni Government condemns Houthi Qataber massacre
Yemeni Government condemns Houthi Qataber massacre

An official source at the Yemeni Government has condemned repeated civilian massacres committed by the Iran-backed Houthi militia, the latest is barraging Katyusha-mounted rockets towards AlThabit Market, Qataber District in Saada Governorate, resulted in killing 10 civilians and wounding 20 others so far.

Thisbehavior reflects the mentality and approach of rogue gangs who are tryingdesperately to impose their Coup d`état by any means, a project that isrejected by the people of Yemen, the source added.

The massacre perpetrated by the Iran-backed Houthi militia against the people in the region is a collective punishment for the people's rejection of the Houthi rebellion, their realization of the danger of the Houthi project and its disruption of the social fabric and its igniting of a futile war against the legitimate authority. The Houthis are using arms to impose suspicious agendas targeting Yemen and the Gulf, threatening security and stability in the region and the world and serving the Iranian expansionist project, the sources further said

Theinternational disregard of such heinous and repeated crimes against civiliansincluding indiscriminate killing of women and children in Yemen will encourageHouthis to continue their actions of killing, executions, and throwing youngchildren to their death, the source said

It stressed that it is time for the international community to have a clear and firm stance against such terrorist crimes that resulted in escalating humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, and activate international and humanitarian instruments to save the lives of the people in the regions that still suffer from Houthi control.

The terrorist practices of the Houthi militia and their Iranian supporters will not prevail; the Yemeni people will continue to resist them despite all intimidation, killing and violations that are ranked above crimes of war.

The source reiterated the Yemeni Government's call on the United Nations, Higher commissioner for Human Rights, the Security Council and all concerned international organizations to exercise more pressures to deter the danger of the rogue militia and stop them from targeting unarmed civilians.

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