Yemen Calls on UN to Expose Militias’ Manipulation of Aid

Yemen Calls on UN to Expose Militias’ Manipulation of Aid
Yemen Calls on UN to Expose Militias' Manipulation of Aid

The legitimate Yemeni government called on the United Nations to expose the militias' manipulation of relief aid; using it for war effort.

The Permanent Representative to the UN; Abdullah al-Saadi; stressed during his meeting with the Resident UN Representative to Yemen and Humanitarian Coordinator William David Gressley; the need for international organizations and UN agencies to reveal the Houthi hindrance of humanitarian aid arrival.

Saadi said the continuous Houthi militia's attacks on Marib expose millions of civilians and internally displaced people to more humanitarian suffering and force another displacement; following Houthi shelling of their camps.

He also reviewed the catastrophic conditions that resulted from the militia's blockade of Taiz ongoing for more than six years.

"The effects of the war waged by Houthi militia on Yemeni people; in addition; to spread of the coronavirus pandemic; have exacerbated humanitarian suffering;" Saba news quoted Saadi as saying.

More pressure

The official explained that more than 80 percent of Yemenis are in need of protection and assistance; warning of the dire consequences of food insecurity on the present and future generations.

He called upon the international organizations and UN agencies to report the situation to the Security Council; urging them to exert more pressure on the militia to end its military escalation and violations and allow the arrival of the assistance.

Saadi stressed the importance of integrating development priorities and needs into humanitarian aid to achieve economic recovery; implement sustainable development goals; and support the local currency by transferring aid through the Central Bank.

For his part; the UN official praised the government's cooperation in alleviating difficulties before the arrival of humanitarian assistance; pointing out that the UN expanded its humanitarian operations in Marib and the Western Coast.

He asserted that ending Houthi attacks is of utmost necessity to protect civilians and enable the UN to help people in need.

Notably; the United Nations reported widespread poverty across the country; with about 20 million Yemenis in need of some kind of assistance; while UN agencies say that they provide food aid to about 10 million people.

The legitimate government accuses the UN organizations of spending more than a third of the aid on administrative expenses. It also accuses the Houthi militia of robbing most of the support.

Earlier in August; the UN warned that it might reduce its humanitarian programs in Yemen due to a lack of funding. Some programs are expected to end in September if they do not receive any additional financial support.

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