Why Saudi Arabia set up an AI center

Why Saudi Arabia set up an AI center
Saudi Arabia set up a center for AI and data management to serve Saudis passion for technical know-how

Saudi Arabia has been witnessing an effective technical mobility for more than two years specifically, as talking among young people about artificial intelligence, deep learning, or "blockchain" and "Internet of Things" turns to be a remarkable living and tangible reality.

Talking about "hackathons" or innovation exhibitions, workshops, and initiatives is no longer unusual—Families and schools also encourage their children to pursue technical fields. The Saudi Codes Initiative, which concluded in February, gave the impression of the Saudis' passion for technical know-how when participants exceeded one million.

This interest puts the Saudis in line with the developed world, which is confidently working and taking advantage of the outputs of the forthcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution and this is in the interest of the country.

Thousands of young people are trained by Misk Academy

This dynamic technical mobility is led by creative institutions such as Misk Academy (affiliated to the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation), which trains thousands of young people who enroll in programming, data analysis, artificial intelligence and other programs in agreement with international institutions with a rich experience in this type of education such as "Udacity" and "General Assembly", where they employ their capabilities to reach this type of quality education for all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Students of all ages and disciplines engaging in the study of technical sciences

With a quick view of Al-Faisal University Theater or STC Academy in the capital Riyadh, the visitor will see students of all ages and disciplines engaging in the study of these sciences diligently and admirably.

The other agency, which serves and sponsors the technically gifted, is the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones. Last week, 100 Saudis were graduated from the Tuwaiq Cybersecurity Bootcamp, in which corporate contracts poured in on participants. This event also witnessed the launch of an Academy for Cybersecurity and Advanced Technologies. The world today knows the importance of cybersecurity in preserving the capabilities of nations.

Thousands of young people are trained by Misk Academy

These enlightened energies and minds will make the kingdom of Saudi Arabia among the countries of the world, which required a deliberate government step achieved through the Royal Decree to establish a centet of data management and artificial intelligence headed by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Abdullah Al-Sawah, told the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that Saudi Arabia is determined to develop the digital present and build a future based on artificial intelligence and innovation, which enhances its march and charts its future towards leadership in the field of technology and innovation.

The Authority aims to promote innovation and digital development, achieve the goals of Vision 2030, and develop the efficiency of government and private performance, as artificial intelligence enhances performance and productivity levels, stimulates entrepreneurship and youth support, and provides more innovative services to citizens.

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