Unique Jewelry Exhibition grabs the attention of visitors and allows them to purchase immediately

Unique Jewelry Exhibition grabs the attention of visitors and allows them to purchase immediately

The Unique Jewelry Exhibition, which is held in the Riyadh Front zone, continues to grab the attention of its visitors, as part of the activities offered by Riyadh Season 2021, by allowing them to immediately purchase unique jewelry, as the first exhibition of its kind to offer that chance.

This affirms the superiority of Riyadh Season and its innovation of global events characterized by uniqueness and distinction, in addition to the exclusive luxurious experience that the season offers through the exhibitions and events it organizes. Entry tickets to the exhibition, which will continue until November 6, are on sale via the link:

The exhibition includes the finest precious jewelry made by skilled designers in the field of the jewelry industry. It is the largest exhibition in the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East and Europe and contains the rarest historical and traditional watches on the international level.

The Unique Jewelry Exhibition is divided into four halls, each of which reflects one of the four seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Each hall symbolizes a different mechanism for extracting precious stones from the land and the sea according to the different seasons of the year.

The exhibition halls have 17 corners for Saudi artisans in the field of jewelry. The exhibition also contains the largest diamond ring in the world, the most expensive blue diamond in the world weighing 10 carats and a mask completely studded with diamonds.

The Unique Jewelry Exhibition reflects a classic culture in all its aspects. The experience is not limited to viewing or buying precious jewelry, but visitors can watch live performances to examine the sold jewelry licensed by the Ministry of Commerce, in addition to live musical performances by many European female musicians.

The exhibition witnesses community activities, such as the Children's Pavilion, which is dedicated to developing children's creative abilities in the field of jewelry, in addition to presenting valuable prizes for the best jewelry design for emerging local designers.

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