U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Stresses Bilateral Strategic Partnership

US embassy urges citizens to depart Iraq immediately: Statement
US embassy urges citizens to depart Iraq immediately: Statement

Ambassador of theUnited States of America to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia John Abizaid stressedthe broad strategic partnership that brings together the Kingdom and the UnitedStates, which started after the meeting of the late King Abdulaziz binAbdulrahman Al Saud with President Franklin D. Roosevelt aboard the USSQuincy 75 years ago.

This came in hisspeech during the celebration held at the US Embassy in Riyadh yesterdayin the presence of Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of RiyadhRegion, on the occasion of US National Day and the 75th anniversary of themeeting between King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman and President Roosevelt.

The Ambassadorreviewed relations that bind the two friendly countries and peoples in variousfields, including building a global energy system that has a crucial role inachieving the steady growth of world economy, and unifying positions toconfront threats facing the region, especially terrorism.

He also reviewedexchange programs between the two countries, where hundreds of thousands ofSaudis visited, studied and worked in the United States and hundreds ofthousands of Americans visited Makkah and Madinah to perform Hajjor work in the Kingdom within the framework of building strong trade,educational and security relations.

Ambassador Abizaidaffirmed that American companies continue to work to contribute to the successof the Kingdom's Vision 2030, adding that the recently launched "QuincyCollege Prep Scholarship" to prepare male and female students for theundergraduate level will help Saudi students who wish to complete their highereducation in the United States thanks to the new visa systems in the Kingdom. The Ambassador pointed out that the number ofAmerican visitors to the Kingdom is more than ever before, as they visit theKingdom as business representatives, thought leaders, tourists, scientists,artists, athletes and competitors.

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