Tunisia’s President Announces Imminent Government Formation

Tunisia’s President Announces Imminent Government Formation
Tunisia’s President Announces Imminent Government Formation

Tunisian President Kais Saied said that the new government would be formed soon; according to the will of the Tunisian people and the path they have chosen.

"Whoever thinks that we will go back is delusional;" referring to the multiple demands to revive the frozen parliament's activity; to stop pursuing those suspected of corruption without legal procedures; and to expedite the formation of a new government.

Leaks circulated in Tunis about the names of candidates for the position of prime minister; who will work under a presidential system promoted by the Saied.

The name of Nadia Okasha; Director of the Presidential Office; was put forward as a strong candidate for this position for several considerations; including the mutual trust she also shares with the president.

According to the same sources; Okasha; who holds a doctorate in law and a Master's degree in public and financial law; enjoys important support from some neighboring countries such as France and Italy; but the US delegation that visited Tunisia recently disrupted the selection process; as it called on the Tunisian president to appoint an economic figure capable of implementing reforms and reviving the economy.

The political parties represented in Parliament are awaiting the roadmap that Saied also would announce. Politicians close to the president said that the latter wanted the process of selecting the new government to take the entire constitutional period; i.e. 30 days; to ensure good selection and avoid previous mistakes in choosing prime ministers.

Meanwhile; following a meeting of its executive office; Ennahda Movement also renewed its rejection of all arbitrary measures; including placing people under home arrest without judicial permission and without legal justification; and preventing tens of thousands of Tunisians from traveling abroad away from all legal guarantees.

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