Shooting at Saudi Embassy in Netherlands condemned

Saudi Arabia's flag.
Saudi Arabia's flag.

A number of countries and organizations have condemned the shooting at the Saudi Embassy in the Dutch city of The Hague on Thursday.

Leading the condemnation, Saudi Arabia's Gulf allies Bahrain; Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates; extended their full support to the Kingdom.

In a statement on Thursday, Bahrain's Foreign Ministry said that the cowardly terrorist attack contravenes all moral and human values and principles.

The ministry affirmed Bahrain's unwavering solidarity with Saudi Arabia against any aggression and all forms of terrorism, violence, and extremism.

Gulf condemnation

Kuwait's foreign ministry in a press statement on Thursday stressed that the "sinful and cowardly attack" is a violation of all international norms and laws

It pointed to Kuwait's support and solidarity with the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all measures taken to maintain its security and the safety of its citizens.

Moreover Oman's foreign ministry said that the incident is a violation of international laws and human values; stressing the sultanate's solidarity with Saudi Arabia against this sinful attack.

Nevertheless the UAE's foreign ministry described the incident as a "criminal" attack on the embassy; adding that it rejected "all forms of violence aimed at destabilizing security and stability that are contrary to religious and humanitarian values and principles.

In addition Jordan denounced the attack calling it a "cowardly act" that targeted innocent people.

The official spokesman for the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs Ambassador Dhaifallah Al-Fayez said Jordan stood "absolutely"; alongside Saudi Arabia against all threats to the country's security and facilities.

In a statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said the incident had been a "cowardly attack and trusts the measure; taken by the Dutch authorities to uncover the perpetrators.

The Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; in detail in a statement reiterated the country's rejection of violence; and all forms of extremism and terrorism, regardless of their motives and causes.

Tunisia also affirmed its solidarity; with Saudi Arabia and its full support for all measures it takes to maintain its security and stability.

GCC stance

Meanwhile, GCC General-Secretary Nayef Al-Hajraf expressed his confidence; that the security authorities in the will play their role in uncovering the circumstances; leading to the accident and bringing to justice those behind it.

Markeldy he stressed that the GCC stands with Saudi Arabia and supports all measures it takes in order to preserve its security and the safety of its citizens; as well as it diplomatic missions all over the world.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab Parliament also strongly denounced the attack; calling for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. They pledged their support for any steps taken by the Kingdom to protect its security and that of its citizens.

In a statement, the Pakistani foreign ministry also said that the attack violated all international laws and norms; adding that Pakistan appreciates the measures taken by the Netherlands authorities; hoping that the perpetrators will be brought to justice soon.

The statement affirmed Pakistan's support and solidarity with Saudi Arabia in the face of a threat that targeted its safety and security.

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