Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Step up to a Global Trend Hashtag

The photo got Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashed Angry
The photo got Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashed Angry

Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai tweeted a photo that got him angry through his official account on Twitter announcing "This is not our level!", today morning.

Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid, the Arab ruler who dream of establishing mega projects in Dubai, transforming it into an Arab civilized capital modelled on Paris, and turning it from an emirate that relies on Abu Dhabi's oil and policies to a self-reliant emirate through promoting tourism and trade, published a photo, he said he had reached through a "secret shopper" about the "level of services at Emirates Post Group".

He also commented on the photo saying: "This is not our level… nor our services. It will never be part of my team who continues to provide this level."

Sheikh Muhammad is known for his interest in the level of services provided by the government to citizens and expatriates. He is also known for his attention to detail that is of interest to all those in the country.

In a second tweet he said: "We sent a team to verify the level of Emirates Post services in one of their centers" Sheikh Muhammad wrote.

He added: "Theteam returned with this report… I put it in front of everyone with absolute transparency.I say to everyone in the government… nothing will go unnoticed with fulltransparency." attaching a photo of the report.

The report states that the waiting period to deliver services is relativelyso long, the services are not designed based on a study of the needs ofcustomers, the absorptive capacity is not commensurate with the number of customers,the center delivers over 3000 national IDs per day, causing a severe overcrowding, and the need of the center staff for more capacity-buildingwith a focus on coping more professional and customer-focused mechanism ofcommunication."

We cannot help butsaying that this brave step taken by Sheikh Muhammad, redounds to his creditespecially after Emirates Post is recognized for outstanding customer servicesby universal postal union for the third time to become the only Arab country towin the award three times, just few days ago. This reflects the utmostself-honesty and transparency.

Following these two tweets; the hashtag #Muhammad_Bin_Rashidstepped up to a global trend.

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