Shaikh Abdullah meets Pompeo in White House

Shaikh Abdullah meets Pompeo in White House
Shaikh Abdullah meets Pompeo in White House

UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan visited Washington on Friday where he met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House National Security Advisor John Bolton.

ShaikhAbdullah and the senior US officials discussed UAE-US cooperation to createmutual prosperity and ensure security in the Middle East and around the world.They also discussed issues of common interest, including countering extremism,resolving the conflict in Yemen and working on rebuilding and strengtheningregional security.

"The UAEand the US are close friends and strong allies," said Shaikh Abdullah. "Ourenduring bilateral partnership is based on shared values and a common outlookfor a more inclusive and peaceful future in the region.

"The UAEwelcomes ongoing cooperation with the US in Yemen to confront the Iranian-backedHouthis and the terrorist group AQAP that has launched multiple attacks againstUS citizens and interests," added Shaikh Abdullah.

ShaikhAbdullah also expressed support for UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths andaffirmed the need for a political solution to the conflict in Yemen. He calledthe agreement on the redeployment of forces in Hodeida a constructive step.

Inaddition, Shaikh Abdullah affirmed the UAE's ongoing commitment to ensuringhumanitarian assistance reaches the Yemeni people.

The UAEcontributed $5.41 billion (Dh19.87 billion) in aid between April 2015 andDecember 2018.

During the meetings, Shaikh Abdullah updated US officials on the UAE's actions to comply with and enforce US sanctions on Iran, as well as ongoing UAE and joint initiatives to disrupt and block terrorist financing.

Oncommerce and trade, Shaikh Abdullah highlighted the US' $14.54 billion tradesurplus with the UAE in 2018, the US' fourth largest trade surplus globally,and the hundreds of billions of dollars of UAE investments in the US thatsupport American jobs.

The twomeetings were attended by UAE Ambassador to the US, Yousuf Mana Al Otaiba.

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