Saudi scholarship student hailed as hero after saving Briton from drowning

Saudi scholarship student hailed as hero after saving Briton from drowning

Turki Al-Shammari, a Saudi scholarship student, has won accolades from both the British and Saudi communities for his brave act of saving a British national from drowning in the River Ribble in Preston; England.

Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the United Kingdom Prince Khalid Bin Bandar Bin Sultan was among those who lauded Al-Shammari; who emerged as a hero in social media for his demonstration of extraordinary courage and bravery.

"Your noble stance markedly reflects the values and culture of the Saudi society in representing your country; through the act of saving the British citizen Dean Lowe from drowning;" the Ambassador said; while speaking with him over phone.

Thanks and gratitude

The British citizen's family expressed their profound thanks and deep gratitude to Al-Shammari. Dean Lowe's partner Jessica Williams commented: "Turki, a handsome young man saved my partner's life and thus he has become a lifetime true friend of us."

She also posted the family's picture; with Al-Shammari on Facebook as a token of their gratitude.

Al-Shammari, a scholarship student at the University of Central Lancashire, was near the river when he heard screaming for help; according to the website of the Saudi Ministry of Education.

Al-Shammari also jumped into the river where he found the Briton fighting for his life and saved him. Later, the police and ambulance reached the scene and offered first aid service.

On its part, the Saudi Embassy in UK tweeted: "The Ambassador was delighted to speak with Turki Al-Shammari, a young Saudi student who bravely jumped into a river to save the life of a man in Preston. We wish Mr. Dean Lowe a speedy recuperation…"

Dr. Amal Fatani, cultural attaché at the Saudi Embassy, also expressed her happiness and pride in the heroic role of Al-Shammari; in saving the British citizen.

"The interest of the British community in this humanitarian story shows the positive and distinctive values of Saudi scholarship students and their true representation of their country."

"Saudi scholarship students continue to record the honorable stances and humanitarian initiatives of the people of the homeland abroad, and this is based on the values of their society and its characteristic features in coexistence, tolerance, dialogue and strengthening of cultural commonalities," she added.

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