Saudi Ports Achieve 4.36% Increase in Transshipment during 2020 Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Saudi Arabia's non-oil exports exceeds SAR17bn
Saudi Arabia's non-oil exports exceeds SAR17bn

Saudi ports, being supervised by Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI), achieved an increase in the total number of transshipments during 2020, a total of 7.3 million containers, marking an increase of 4.36%, compared to the same period of the previous year, while the total amount of cargo reached 299 million, coming on board 11,482 ships.

According to the statistical index issued by MAWANI, Saudi Arabia's ports achieved a 13% increase in total foodstuffs, a total of 28 million tons. The growth in Saudi Arabia's ports performance during 2020 included the number of imported vehicles, marking an increase of 1.03%, by 800,000 vehicles, while the number of livestock reached three million heads, and the number of passengers reached 491,000.

This increase comes to meet the needs of development, the national economy and the commercial movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and as a part of the ongoing development process that MAWANI is working on to raise the level of operational and logistical performance, infrastructure capabilities and absorptive capacities in this vital sector.

The increase also comes due to strategic partnerships with major international shipping lines that contribute to strengthening the connection of the Kingdom's ports with the ports of the East and the West. MAWANI seeks to achieve international leadership and contribute to transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a global logistics hub that connects the three continents, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, being represented in the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP).

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