Saudi Ministry of Energy Launches ‘New Brand Identity’

Saudi Ministry of Energy Launches ‘New Brand Identity’
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Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Energy revealed today the details of its new brand identity, which symbolizes the Pursuit of the Future, at a time when the industry is witnessing strategic transformations as a result of local and international trends.

The new brand identity arises from the principles of transparency, sustainability, cooperation, and inclusiveness, to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.

The new logo is circular in shape, representing the globe and expressing the integration, interdependence, and harmony of all the various energy sectors that come together as a principal driver of development, to strengthen the national and international economy.

These include conventional and renewable energy, and later on nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

In the middle of the logo is a map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the beating heart providing the world with energy from its central geographic location, and the long-trusted source of supply and stability to the global oil markets.

Four colors fuse together in the new logo. In addition to green, which is drawn from the color of the Saudi flag to represent sustainability and prosperity, the colors dark blue, light blue and gold are blended to form a luminous halo symbolizing the various sources of energy.

In the center of the circle there is a map of the Kingdom and its emblem of the two crossed swords and a palm tree, which is symbolic of strength and growth. To the left of the shape lies the name of the Ministry in both Arabic and English.

The components of the new identity illustrate the interdependence of the energy sectors and the innovative solutions adopted by the Ministry, which serve to maximize the Kingdom's economic benefit from the energy sector as a whole.

The Ministry seeks to support the economic growth through the optimal exploitation of hydrocarbons to maximize the Kingdom's revenue. The map's central location in the globe represents the Kingdom's leading role in the stability of the global oil markets and the security, sustainability and reliability of the global oil supply.

The Kingdom also aims to optimize its energy mix, generating electricity in the most efficient, least costly way. By 2030, liquid fuel will be substituted with gas and other renewable energy sources which will constitute about 50% of electricity generation. In addition, the Ministry is working on enabling the local manufacturing of the components of solar and wind energy. So within ten years, the Kingdom will become a global hub for conventional and renewable energy and for innovative hydrocarbon-based technologies.

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