Saudi-led Arab Coalition Reveals Nationalities of Abha Airport Causalities

An Archive photo of the previous terrorist attack on Abha airport, credit to SPA
An Archive photo of the previous terrorist attack on Abha airport, credit to SPA

The Joint Forces Command of the Arab Coalition for Support to Legitimacy in Yemen announced on Monday that the attack on Abha International Airport by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia killed one person and wounded 21 others.

Thespokesman of the Arab Coalition, Col. Turki al-Maliki, said that the terroristattack led to the death of a resident of Syrian nationality, and the injury of(21) civilians and of different nationalities.

Col.Al-Maliki said that the wounded were 13 Saudi nationals, 4 Indian nationals, 2Egyptian nationals, and 2 Bangladeshi nationals.

Amongthe injured were three women (one Egyptian and two Saudis) and two children ofIndian nationality. All the causalities were transferred to the hospital fortreatment of injuries; of them (3) left the hospital while (18) continue toreceive treatment including (13) cases of minor injuries, (3) moderate cases and(2) critical cases.

"TheHouthi terrorist militias continue their immoral practices by targetingcivilians and civilian installations protected under international humanitarianlaw and its customary rules, which amount to war crimes, according to the provisionsof international humanitarian law," col. Al-Maliki added.

Heexplained that the recognition of the Iranian-backed militias through theirmedia of their full responsibility for this terrorist act by using an unmannedaircraft (drone) of the type (Ababeel/Qasef) is a clear and full recognition oftargeting the civilian and civilian installations of special protection underthe international humanitarian law, which could amount to a war crime bysystematically targeting civilians and civilian installations.

Col.Al-Maliki said that the continuation of such terrorist acts with high-qualitycapabilities proves the Iranian regime's involvement in supporting the Houthiterrorist militias and the continued violation of relevant Security Councilresolutions, including resolutions nos. 2216 and 2231.

Col.Al-Maliki stressed that the leadership of the joint forces of the coalition, infront of these acts of terrorism and immoral violations of the Houthi militias,continues to implement the strict measures to deter these terrorist militias,and to ensure the protection of civilian installations and civilians, and terroristelements responsible for the planning and implementation of this terroristattack will be held accountable in accordance with international humanitarianlaw and its customary rules.

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