Saudi Foreign Ministry warns against travel to Lebanon

Demonstrations in Beirut
Demonstrations in Beirut

The Saudi Foreign Ministry on Friday called on its citizens inLebanon to exercise extreme caution.

In a tweet on "Twitter" the Foreign Ministry wrote: "Given thecurrent situation in the Republic of Lebanon, and in anticipation of anynegative repercussions of these conditions, and out of concern for the Kingdomof the safety of its citizens, the ministry warns all citizens to travel toLebanon, whether from Saudi Arabia or any international destination for thesake of their safety".

"The ministry also requires Saudi citizens in Lebanon to exerciseutmost care and contact the Saudi embassy in Beirut to provide the necessaryfacilities and care when needed, hoping that Lebanon will soon achieve securityand stability".

Earlier on Friday, the Saudi embassy in Beirut called on citizens,residents and visitors to be cautious, and in an important statement announcedthe designation (Lancaster Plaza Hotel) located in the area of ​​Raouche as agathering point, in preparation for moving to the airport and then leave toSaudi Arabia at the earliest opportunity possible.

The Saudi embassy also asked all residents and visiting citizens toexpedite communication with the embassy and register their details inpreparation for departure as soon as possible.

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