Saudi Foreign Minister, discusses bilateral ties with German Counterpart

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan
Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan

Prince Faisal bin Farhanbin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs arrived here today, on an officialvisit to the Federal Republic of Germany, which started with a meeting with hisGerman counterpart Heiko Maas.

During the meeting, theydiscussed bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and ways ofpromoting coordination and mutual cooperation, regarding regional andinternational files.

Following the meeting, thetwo ministers held a joint press conference, during which the Foreign Minister praisedthe relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the FederalRepublic of Germany, describing them as historical and solid, stressingthat there is close cooperation between the two countries, in several fields,including economic and political consultation and expressing aspiration tointensify and push this cooperation to a more wider and broader horizons, inall fields.

He also condemned the twoshooting incidents that occurred in the German city of Hanau,reaffirming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's deep solidarity with the FederalRepublic of Germany and the families of the victims, expressing regret forthe incidents.

Minister of ForeignAffairs indicated that the talks with his German Foreign Minister were fruitfuland constructive and dealt with bilateral relations and ways of strengtheningthem, in addition to developments in regional situations, in the Middle East.

He said that: "Thereis general agreement in views regarding the necessity of giving priority topeaceful solutions to resolve disputes, and we also spoke about the situationin Yemen, and I explained to the minister the recent negative developments,including the missile attacks on civilian by the Houthis, and theongoing military escalation from the Houthi side, which indicates theirlack of seriousness in the search for a political solution to the crisis, andtherefore we encourage all international actors to emphasize that we supportthe coalition effort and the legitimate government of Yemen to find a politicalsolution."

Commending the position ofthe international community towards the Houthi actions, regarding obstaclesimposed by the Houthi militia on aid, and prevent it to reach to thosewho deserve, it in the areas of Yemen they control, he stressed the importanceof continuing to support humanitarian work inside Yemen to alleviate thesuffering of the brotherly Yemeni people.

 The two ministers discussed the regionalsituation, particularly the Iranian interventions in the region, whether theyare in Syria, Iraq or Yemen, reviewing the Kingdom'sposition on the importance of continuing pressure on Iran until it headstowards a peaceful direction, avoids interference in the affairs of itsneighbors and works to solve all outstanding problems in this area.

Prince Faisal bin Farhanpraised the efforts of the German government, at the Berlin conferenceregarding resolving the crisis in Libya, stressing the position of the Kingdomof Saudi Arabia in support of this path and all good offices aimed, atresolving the crisis that caused so much trouble to the Libyan people, saying:"As I explained to the minister of foreign affairs, our very great concernis about sending Syrian fighters to the Libyan north by Turkey, because thiscontributes to the continuing instability in that country and fueling theconflict, and we will continue to support all efforts that seek to find apeaceful solution among Libyan brothers, via ending such suffering.

 For his part, the German Foreign Ministerwelcomed Prince Faisal bin Farhan, pointing out that the talks included severalfiles, including the Kingdom's hosting of the G20 summit, noting theareas of development in the Kingdom. 

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