Saudi Crown Prince visits Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

The Saudi Crown Prince in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
The Saudi Crown Prince in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  • Mohammad bin Salman, Crown Prince ofSaudi Arabia, visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on Sunday, on the sidelinesof a Saudi delegation at the G20 summit held in Osaka, Japan, according toAlarabiya.

OnSunday, Prince Mohammad bin Salman met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe inOsaka, Japan.

TheCrown Prince and the Japanese Prime Minister held a meeting at the beginning ofwhich the Japanese Prime Minister welcomed the Crown Prince, and thanked himfor his participation in the summit of G20 leaders in Osaka and his contributionto its success.

Hepraised the Kingdom's progress in accordance with the Kingdom's vision2030,pointing to the keenness of the Government of Japan and its readiness throughthe public and private sectors to provide more effort and cooperation with theKingdom.

The Japanese Prime Minister also expressed his government's readiness to cooperate towards the success of the upcoming G20 summit, to be hosted by the Kingdom.

Saudi Crown Prince visits Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

The Crown Prince expressed his thanks for the warm hospitality, stressing that relations between the Kingdom and Japan are historical, and Japan is a country dear to the hearts of all Saudis.

The Crown Prince said that everyone is happy with the progress achieved in the past few years in the fields of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

The Crown Prince thanked the Japanese Prime Minister for his successful management of the summit. "We will work together to prepare for the 2020 Summit in Saudi Arabia," he said.

Afterwards,the prospects of cooperation between the two friendly countries were discussedaccording to the Saudi-Japanese 2030 vision, especially in the economic, trade,investment and cultural fields, and means of enhancing bilateral relations.Developments in the region were also discussed.

The Saudi Crown Prince stressed in his speech at the closing session of the G20 summit in Japan the Kingdom's determination to continue work for the G20. He also welcomed the hosting of G20 leaders next year in Saudi Arabia.

Hepointed out that this is the time of new horizons and technical progress, whichnecessitates working to keep pace with this development, and create anenvironment in which the world flourishes.

"We have a responsibility in the G20 to create an environment in which the world flourishes," he added, "We will work with G20 leaders to find a consensus to resolve crises in the world".

He also addressed the issue of technological progress, the need to keep pace with all roads, in addition to the issue of cyber risks, and the file of youth and women, saying: "Empowering women and young people are key to achieving growth in the world".

The Saudi Crown Prince listens to a survivor of Hiroshima bombings

It's noteworthy that the Saudi Crown Prince listened to an 81-year-old Japanese woman at the hall of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, recounting her story after and during the famous bombing of Hiroshima as one of the greatest human disasters in modern history.

TheJapanese survivor recounted story when she was seven years old and how she sawthe bomb fall, retrieving the blue flash that filled the sky, and hergrandmother, who disappeared since that day.

The Japanese survivor continued to describe the tragic scene before the Crown Prince, and how the city was badly destructed, and the catastrophic transformation appeared on every part of it.

TheJapanese immortalized the bloody moment, which has claimed more than 140,000 lives, hasleft many of the landmarks, including the Hiroshima Peace Museum, to accountfor the impact of wars and the threat of atomic bombs.

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