Saudi Cabinet approves human organ donation regulation
King Salman Chairs Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet's Session at Al-Yamamah Palace

Saudi Cabinet approves human organ donation regulation

Saudi Arabia's Cabinet on Tuesday approved the human organ donation regulation; during a virtual meeting chaired by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman.

The regulation, which got approval by the Shoura Council in September 2019; allows for the transfer, cultivation, preservation, and development of organs in order to preserve human life, protect the rights of those from or to whom human organs go to, license health facilities, define their responsibilities; in relation to organ donation and transplantation; and also prevent exploitation of the patient or donor's need or trafficking in human organs.

It is worth noting that the Council of Senior Scholars and the Council of Islamic Jurisprudence; issued a fatwa 22 years ago authorizing the donation of organs of the deceased.

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