Saudi Arabia’s first awareness campaign within Movember events

Saudi Arabia’s first awareness campaign within Movember events
Saudi Arabia’s first awareness campaign within Movember events

The president of King Saud University, Dr. BadranAl-Omar, inaugurated on Monday the first awareness campaign for men's healthorganized by the Saudi Society for Men's Health, in conjunction with theinternational events of the Month of the Man, or what is known as (Movember).

An exhibition is launched at the university with the aim of educating men on the importance of taking care of their health. The exhibition is provided with the necessary equipment to conduct medical tests for visitors.

Al-Omar said that "the establishment of the Saudi Society for Men's Health under the umbrella of King Saud University came to be the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia in the field of developing scientific and professional performance of health practitioners and raising the level of health awareness in the community regarding men's health through the launch of awareness programs and the establishment of campaigns and specialized educational seminars in this field".

For his part, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Saudi Society for Men's Health", Dr. Saleh bin Saleh said that the first awareness campaign for men's health coincides with the world month of health awareness of men (Movember), which falls on the month of November each year. Such activities aim to spread the health culture related to men's health and all what men need to know about their physical and mental health from diseases that may affect them, ways to prevent and deal with them, and even ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Saleh explained that the exhibitionaccompanying the campaign is attended by a group of health practitioners andstudents to provide direct consultations spreading health culture related tomen's health.

The exhibition includes a corner for obesity,in which there is body fat scale, a corner for diabetes provides a sugarscreening service for visitors, and a corner for prostate diseases in whichvisitors are sensitized to the causes of prostate diseases and the mostimportant diseases associated with them and ways of treatment and prevention,in addition to a corner for andrology aims to raise awareness of the causes of andrologydiseases and methods of diagnosis and treatment, and this corner providesscientific questionnaires to detect andrology diseases.

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