Saudi Arabia’s FII2019 kicks off Tuesday

Saudi Arabia’s FII2019 kicks off Tuesday
Future Investment Initiative 2019, What is next for global business?

The economic community in Saudi Arabia and the world is getting ready to the launch of the largest investment gathering in the region, Saudi Arabia's 'Davos in the Desert' investment conference, the internationally known as the Future Investment Initiative (FII2019) on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia's FII2019 (29-31 Oct.)

The FII2019, which will start next Tuesday, responds to strategicmacro and detailed questions and inquiries vital to the situation of the local,regional, and global economy and investment, through 47 sessions and workshopsto be attended by senior officials, heads of major organizations, and managersof giants. The FII2019 to have one main hub and 3 summits, exploring globaltrends shaping the future of work, entertainment and society.

Saudi Arabia is getting ready to start the activities of "Davos in the Desert" as FII2019 is called under the supervision of the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), which starts on 27 and ends on 31 of this month, amid the high presence of heads of state and government officials from all continents as well as the participation of dozens of international companies, including 25 companies and investment banks from the United States, the world's largest global economy.

An archive photo of FII2018

The FII2019 to answer dozens of questions and inquiries, includinghow economic ambition in the new era can shape the economy over the nextdecade, and which strategic actions business will be used to maximize positiveoutcomes.

The initiative did not forget the timing factor; a full session is devoted to examining whether financial investors believe the moment is right for investment while questioning where they stand in the economic life cycle. The gathering to also discuss sovereign wealth funds and how they can shape global investment over the long term.

According to FII2019, Davos discusses women's economy and whethercurrent developments in Saudi Arabia will enhance the inclusiveness of thewoman's entry to many engines of the economy, reviewing the experiences ofJapan and China.

Financial challenges remain one of FII's main themes especially thesituation in Europe, where a session devoted solely to discussing what followsin Europe, and specifically how the governments of this continent can pushinnovations in financial markets, while in the international file, theinitiative raises the question of Chief Executives of global companies abilityto find ways to meet with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In the future, the FII's first summit will present the expectationsof activities and initiatives in the new century, what is next for life andwork, and how to face global challenges. The discussion will cover in amini-session what next for the United States versus the Indian case, where thequestion will be how the Indian nation will boost the strength of the globaleconomy.

The FII2019 also devoted within the themes a question about what iscoming to the African continent during the new era, especially in terms of theengines of transformation. The debate on Brazil will be a question of what theglobal investment environment can offer to bring Brazil back on track for theworld's big business.

An independent summit will be devoted to seeking an answer to whatfuture companies will emerge. Participants will also address the relevance ofinformation-based innovations to the agriculture industry and theircontribution to food security.

In addition, the Middle East will be the subject of an importantquestion, namely whether the region can become an international investmentpowerhouse, while another question will be discussed about what is coming fromAsia.

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